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BEAUTY : Innovations

As a beauty writer I get to see and hear about a lot of new products…daily.  Whilst my passion never wains for the new, it can sometimes seem that there are a lot of products doing similar things.  So I particularly love it when new innovations or novel concepts turn up on my desk – I admire the industry for their creativity and solution-solving designs, and importantly for adding fun, simplicity or even a challenge to our usual routines!


Here are some products which have caught my eye recently : 


1. Too Faced Mood Swing, £12

What’s special? Intuitive lipgloss.  Happy, angry, emotional or excited..your lips tell it all with a gloss that changes colour according to your mood…start the day with calm pink lips and leave the office in a deep fuchsia funk!! 

Available at larger Boots stores


2. Cargo Plantlove, £11.74

What’s special? First ever 100% compostable lipstick tube (it’s made entirely from corn).  The lipstick formula inside is also environmentally friendly as it contains no mineral oils or petroleum.  It’s so pretty too!!

Available from selected Sainsbury’s stores


3. Piz Buin, Self Tanning Lotion + Colour Dial, £17.99

What’s special? Customized colour.  A nifty twisty bottle lets you choose how low you want to glow – some days you may want a subtle radiance and others a nut-coloured Amazonian hue. This is especially perfect for fair skin types who find many self-tanners uncomplimentary for their skin tone.  

0845 601 5789


Innovations 1

4. Lancaster Morning and Evening Bronze Toner – Face, £16

What’s special? A toner with self-tan! Tone your face with this product after cleansing and build up a lovely glow – it sounds so easy. 

0800 376 0688


5. Rodial Skinny Beach range – Skinny Beach SPF15, £39 Skinny Beach Sticks, £49

What’s special? Rodial always bring out the coolest products – and the Skinny Beach range is a perfect example.  The SPF15 cream has everything you could possibly want from a suncream – lifting, toning, cellulite reducing…the list goes on.  Peptides also boost your natural tanning ability meaning a deeper, faster and longer-lasting tan.  To further the quest to a hot body the Skinny Beach Sticks are also a must.  These sachets of powder – when diluted with water- will infiltrate your system with good-for-you nutrients, melanin boosting ingredients and green tea to encourage fat melting. Yes please to all!



Innovation row 2


6. Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini, £8.99

What’s special? All the close shave of the Quattro razor with the added benefit of a trimmer to create a well styled, fuzz free area down there! It’s really well priced too, and if you’re thinking of giving up waxes to save money, this is certainly a good replacement.



7. Bionova, from £29

What’s special? A completely unique approach to skincare.  Bionova are all about ‘hyper real’ ingredients – that is, substances which occur naturally in the human body such as vitamins, lipids and peptides.  According to the company, these ingredients are easily assimilated by the body and will trigger damaged cells to self-heal and become healthy –  which means goodbye to wrinkles and other skin concerns such as dry skin and rosacea. Interestingly, natural ingredients such as fruit, botanicals and herbal extracts are not considered skin-friendly since they do not exist in the body and may actually cause damage in the long term. 

Available from Peter Jones and http://www.bionovalab.uk.com

 Innovation row 3