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INSIGHT : Jeans for the over 55s – One woman’s opinion

The quote below was originally going to be posted on the dailymail.co.uk website in response to the feature : 

How to be a jean-ius: We challenge three women to find the perfect pair of jeans on the High Street

….but I persuaded the writer (female, 60+, young at heart, interested in fashion) to let me use it on my blog instead!

“I feel sure that women of a certain age or shape are desperate to find jeans that suit them. Many of us after 55 have a few bulges and none of us want that fat hanging over the drop waist of our jeans. Worse is when we bend down, the back goes even lower exposing parts we hope won’t  be seen! I recently spent a desperate day trying on jeans in half a dozen Brand shops.  I am a 12 – 14 depending on the make, and again what has happened to sizing?  Some of the jeans were so tight on the leg that I couldn’t get them past my knees but the upper part would have easily fit. The only ones I finally found were at M&S.  ‘Per Una’ – good fabric and they just sit on the waist with a choice of shapes, they were by far the best for me. The slight element of stretch fabric within is ideal. The £12 pairs at M&S seem a good shape too and if one doesn’t have a midriff to show off it surely it doesn’t matter about the ‘Sits on the Waist’. Mine will be certainly be covered! I wonder how many of you have encountered the same problem.”

BEAUTY : Valentine’s Hot Tips

Another of my pieces for Fashion Capital.  Thought I would spread the love with my Valentine’s tips XXX




Pucker up girls, Valentine’s Day is soon upon us.  Pash-fest or marriage proposal, get yourself looking gorgeous with some of my hot tips below….

1. Kick start the romantic mood with a candlelit bath.  For a truly indulgent experience, pour in a few capfuls of Neom Organic Bath Oil, £32 – the ‘Restore’ version will energise you for the night ahead.  (0870 460 4677)

2. Light a beautiful Roses Diptique candle, £38 and a soft-focus effect in your bathroom is yours.  (0207 224 4948)

3. If you want to take bathing to a new level of girly-ness, wash away with M&S Florentyna Soap Roses, £3.50 – they are so pretty it’s almost a shame to use them!  (0845 302 1234)

4. For soft and smooth skin, slather on a moisturizer which smells good enough to eat. The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter, £12.20 is succulently fragrant. (thebodyshop.com)

5. Before putting on makeup, make sure to prep properly – skin glows when it’s hydrated and healthy.  Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Moisturiser, £8.79 hydrates beautifully and adds a subtle yet skin-enhancing sheen to the skin.  Wear alone for that no-make-up-look that boys just love, or as a good base for foundation.  (0845 644 8556)

6. And how to make your lips a veritable beacon of kissability?  A coat of MAC CremeSheen Lipglass, £12.72 will dazzle him with super-sexy shine. (maccosmetics.co.uk)

7. Or for a seductive pillarbox red, Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue Lipstick in GoGo Red, £15 is just your ticket (you’ll also be helping a great cause – £1 in every purchase goes towards raising awareness of heart disease and stroke in women).  (0207 574 2714)

8.  Last but not least, don’t ruin a great snog with bad breath – ew! Be sure to have Anatomicals You Kiss Artist You, £5.50 in your handbag at all times. Containing mints, lipbalm and a fresh-breath spray, this kit is a minty mouth must-have! (asos.com)