BEAUTY : Trend – Young Skins


EYE : Best of Top Drawer

I had a whizz around Top Drawer at the weekend and these suppliers caught my eye :

Cable and Cotton lights.  Eye-catching, colourful, well-priced and appeals to a broad range of customers – grown-ups and kids.  Very commercial. 

Lulu and Nat home and lifestyle range.  I love the pattern and colours of everything in this collection which is handcrafted and made in India.  I can see this brand becoming quite cultish.

Curious Chocolate.  The original styling of this stand caught my eye as did the lovely packaging. 

Somerville Scarves.  Love the cool and funky designs.  Wear them or frame them. 


Top Drawer

TREND : Londoners and Ice Cream

Ice cream bars are popping up all over London.   Much like the gourmet chocolate and cupcake stores/cafes trend of the last few years * ice cream dine n’ retail seems to be where it’s at now. 

Some examples west-side include upscale gelataria Gelato Mio on Holland Park Road which has opened another branch at Notting Hill Gate, the recently opened (and very nice) Ca’puccino cafe at Westfields which offers a big range of delicious home made ice creams, and pop up shop Icecreamists opens today in Selfridges offering a wild and fabulous range of flavours. 

*  …btw – new cupcake store opening on Kensington Park Road soon….

Ice cream

EYE : Pix – New resto on Westbourne Grove

A new pintxo bar called Pix will open on Sep 15th on Westbourne Grove – occupying the former Tea Palace site.  From what I can see they’ve done a fine job – particularly as the position is a hard one to get right.  The decor is dark and cosy with stylish signing : all blackish walls, roughed up/ mismatched/ casual furniture and upside down anglepoise lamps as ceiling lights….v cool. Loving the greyhound / lurcher dog statues too.  

Westbourne Grove is going very Euro indeed.  Adding to the continental feel is the imminent opening of Les Petites which will join fellow French stores Zadig & Voltaire and Loft in the strip that I call French Alley.




French-AlleyFrench Alley

VISION : Old Benetton logo needs to come back

I was in a Benetton in Italy at the weekend when I had a vision!  The brand needs to bring back its logo and put it big and bright on t-shirts and bags.  Think this would be really cool and really now. 

benetton t-shirt

                                    A mock up, ok it’s not great but you get the picture!

RETAIL : Thumbs down to the AmAp Returns Policy

I tried to take back a t-shirt to American Apparel today and was told that it was exchange or credit note only.  I’m sure I’ve taken stuff back before and got a full refund, and unless I’m dreaming it, I also remember being wowed by the very generous 90 day (or thereabouts) grace period too.  It must have been ages ago as I don’t often buy AmAp. 

I’m disappointed by this mean policy which goes against the company’s cool, people-centric image, and it really isn’t in line with other high street stores who target such a young audience.  I was given the impression that many angry parents vent their frustration about this issue too.

EYE : Mary Quant to Open SW3

I noticed that a Mary Quant shop is going to open in the Duke of York Square, off the Kings Road in Chelsea. Looking forward to it. 


Mary Quant

BEAUTY : What’s New – August


INSPIRATION : Teen bracelets

I was at Pure yesterday and spotted a teen girl wearing the cutest, eye-catching array of bracelets.  Thought they were quite inspiring. 


Lauren bracelets

BEAUTY : What’s New July