EYE : Pix – New resto on Westbourne Grove

A new pintxo bar called Pix will open on Sep 15th on Westbourne Grove – occupying the former Tea Palace site.  From what I can see they’ve done a fine job – particularly as the position is a hard one to get right.  The decor is dark and cosy with stylish signing : all blackish walls, roughed up/ mismatched/ casual furniture and upside down anglepoise lamps as ceiling lights….v cool. Loving the greyhound / lurcher dog statues too.  

Westbourne Grove is going very Euro indeed.  Adding to the continental feel is the imminent opening of Les Petites which will join fellow French stores Zadig & Voltaire and Loft in the strip that I call French Alley.




French-AlleyFrench Alley

One response to “EYE : Pix – New resto on Westbourne Grove

  1. Hi, i was the lead designer on this project.. having just started up on my own and wanting to specialise in the smaller, perhaps more bohemian market i am pleased with the response from both the owner and general public particularly on such a small budget.. i want more!

    Olly Simpson

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