Trends in yoghurt :

1. Probiotics – live bacteria is big in this market – much more so than in the UK (I’ve been told that Slovenia is the wellness centre of Europe which may explain!)

Other products of interest :

2 – EGO Slim and Vital – a low fat drinking yoghurt which contains essential amino acid L-Carnitine and Coenzymes Q1o for energy…this is what the EGO website says about  the product benefits:

  • Greater fat burning and its more efficient conversion into energy,
  • Faster regeneration after physical workout
  • An appropriate supply of essential nutrients to the heart, brain, immune cells and many other vital body parts.

The product is aimed at dieters, athletes, pregnant women and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body weight along with physical activity and vitality.  I tried the plain version – interestingly it was completely unsweetened, which is unusual for an on-the-go drink.  Other flavours include strawberry, peach and tropical fruit.

Ego Slim & Vital

3 – EGO Vec Kot (More Than) Yoghurts – probiotic yoghurts in flavours which include flowers, herbs and plants eg strawberry and rose, apple and basil, lime and aloe vera (I’m not sure if these ingredients are for health / beauty benefits or just for flavouring)


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