INSIGHT : What I Ate Today – English consumer

Carolyn, 60

Lives : London

Size 14


1 Croissant (plain, Tesco’s bakery) 

1 Cappuccino (takeout from Paul, semi-skimmed milk)

1 Bowl of fruit and dollop of natural yoghurt (grapes, 1 pear, low-fat Yeo Valley yoghurt)


1 Instant coffee with milk (semi-skimmed)


1 Humous and ham sandwich (homemade, using Sainsbury’s white bread, wafer thin ham and reduced fat humous plus thin layer of unsalted Lurpak butter)


1 Glass of white wine (Hardys Crest Chardonnay)

Dinner (Fireworks event followed by dinner at a Thai restaurant)

1 1/2 Plastic cups mulled wine 

Few sips of Singha beer

2 Glasses of water

1 Tom Kha with prawns (Thai soup with coconut milk)

1 Weeping Tiger with beef (marinated meat Thai dish served sizzling)

Is this typical of what you eat most days?

More or less – I only drink mulled wine around Christmas time!

What did you eat today? 

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