INSIGHT : 4 Random questions for my 17 year old intern

My name is Lydia, I’m 17 and I live in York. This week I have come to London to do work experience for Jess at FashionBarn, and she has asked me to write a bit about my life.  She gave me a list of random lifestyle questions to choose from, and here are the four which I chose to answer.

What do I do in my spare time?

Generally in my sparetime I hang out with my friends by going to the cinema and shopping in town. At school I study drama, so something I like doing when I have free time is going to the theatre. Even in my short visit here I’m going to see the Lion King, which I am really looking forward to. I also study art and have a big passion for fashion so I spend most of my time shopping, reading magazines, surfing the internet researching fashion schools, and drawing designs.

Jess wanted to know whether me and my friends like to hang out in coffee shops such as Starbucks, but we only really walk around and go to each others houses.

Who do I admire and not admire?

I watch a lot of TV and one of my favourite programs is The Hills. I really admire Lauren Conrad who is a fahsion student in LA and interns for Teen Vogue. I think I admire her alot because of her lifestyle and what she’s doing within fashion. She is a good example of what can be achieved in the fashion industry and I really admire her for that. Another celebrity I admire is Ashlee Simpson. I think she seems like she has fun and I like her music. Although she has had plastic surgery I think she is a genuine person who isn’t afraid to be herself.

Someone I don’t admire is Amy Winehouse purely because of how she lives and how she let her fame affect her life. However, I really like her music.

What brands do you like and desire?

At my school most of my friends and myself really like Vivienne Westwood jewellery. Although it’s been around for a while we are still wearing it and think is really chic and cool. Another brand I like is Ugg Australia, although there has been debates on whether they look good or not, I find mine really good for winter to keep warm and love wearing them.  Some girls at school have Chanel bags and Balenciaga bags are also popular.

Another brand I think is cool is a shop called Octopus. I go there when I want to buy a gift for one of my friends or sister because they do quite mad and funky stuff and its a good place to go to buy a random gift.  Benefit make-up is a brand which I don’t particularly wear alot of but I love the brand because I think the packaging and advertising is really fun and bright and all their products have cool names.

If I gave you £100 to deck out your fridge, what would you fill it with?

I love chocolate and especially Galaxy so I would buy alot of that. I would have fruit such as bananas, apples and strawberries because these are also good to have with a chocolate fondue with friends as well as a healthy snack. I eat alot of chicken, in sandwiches and on its own even mixed with pasta and also tuna for another sandwich filler. I would also buy pasta and sauces to go with them because thats mainly what I live off when I’m busy with school work and need a quick meal. I would buy yoghurts too, especially Muller Light ones, my favourite being strawberry and toffee flavour. For drinks I would buy apple juice and Innocent smoothies, I also have recently become a fan of lemon juice.

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