Beauty products I wish were invented…

I want a cream which can give me smooth, even toned, glossy legs…I don’t want to see my bruises, darks pores, blimps and bumps etc. The ingredients could be smoothing and brightening actives, some kind of bleach effect ingredient (to pale out the hairs on my legs and therefore diminish the dark look of pores) and some really great optics which work their magic with the light to give my legs a smooth and blemish free appearance.

I want to be brown without sunbathing! A pill or drink would be great…I think the scientists are working on that one.

I want John Frieda to reintroduce his GREAT Beach Blonde Sun Streaks so I can bleach my hair in the sun with it and save on doing expensive highlights – my hair goes such a nicer colour this DIY-way anyway.

I want an eye cream to take away the crepe from under my eyes.

I want an eye product which takes away all the ugly red hue from around my eyes.  A permanent solution would be ideal (so I look good first thing in the morning and don’t have to resort to using lots of self tan to even out skin tone), but failing that, a sink-in, dewey cream which doesn’t look heavy or flaky would do. Along with this, an eye shadow which doesn’t accentuate the dry, slightly wrinkled skin on my eyelids would also be much appreciated (clearly, I have a lot of issues with my eyes!!).

What beauty products would you like?

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