TREND : The rise of the older woman

In a world obsessed by youth and recreating youth, it was refreshing to see that the film Sex and The City – which revolves around a 40+ group of friends – prompted such excitement and positive feedback across an age-diverse, (if albeit, predominantly female) audience.  Unlike the dumbed down, tracksuit wearing, ugg shuffling, ‘The Hills’ and other youth reality-based TV shows, the SATC film – a spin off from the tv series – entertained us with wit, wisdom, emotion and interesting characters (no vacant conversations)  – not to mention a fabulous display of sartorial splendour!

Is this another indicator which marks the rise of the older woman?  I’m excited to see that times are changing and we are definitely seeing and admiring more women who are 50+ – who look great and are doing inspirational and motivational things – in business, in family, in relationships (toyboys on the rise), and in general life decisions.  My mum has just announced that she’s going to move to London (from Devon), because “Devon is killing me it’s so boring, I need to be in London where it’s all happening”.  She recently phoned to say that she’s talking to a friend about sharing a flat – maybe with a male friend too.  My mum is going to be living like a student again – minus the homework and out-of-a-can cooking!.

Recently I’ve looked at a couple of  great websites aimed specifically at an ‘older women’. – a group of stylish, intelligent contributors deliver fun, engaging posts about life, love and a huge range of other topics – a site for the 35+ women dedicated to facing and accepting the aging process with strength and beauty – the beauty reviews are well thought out and insightful 

I also recently read an article about Polly Devlin, a 65 year old mother of three, ex-journalist and writer who is enjoying a whole new lease of life thanks to a part-time job opportunity offered to her at an American University.  For four months of the year, she up-stakes from her Somerset country home to the buzz and image-obsessed city of NYC, where she leads a glamorous and dynamic life of cocktail-sipping, clothes shopping, manicures and blow dries. It’s a far cry from her dowdy, country living where self-indulgence meant buying a new pair of wellies.  Read how she relishes her New York lifestyle and what positive changes have been brought about by the move.–New-York-Sex-And-The-City.html

At any age it’s brave to go to a new city and build a fun, meaningful life for yourself – more so when you’re leaving behind a husband, friends and a family home.  Life is all about perception, and in Western Society we tend to perceive that getting older signals the end of opportunity and good experiences. However, more than ever we are seeing women in the 50+ age group challenging convention and empowering themselves with energy, health, good looks and a whole new lifestyle. I hope this will change attitudes in the media and bring older women to our attention – through the screen and advertising. 

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